The 1966 World Cup The 1966 world cup was hosted in england and the final was between England and West Germany. England won the match on there home turf wembley which is what the 2007 team use today. Newboy Geoff Hurst who played for West Ham in the 1966-1967 season scored a hat-trick (three goals) for england as they stomped West Germany 4-2 to claim footballs biggest trophy the world cup. Belive it or not though Geoff Hurst the scorer of three england goals and the first person ever to score a hat-trick in the world cup final was only supposed to be a reserve for the match, But instead Sir Alf Ramsey decided to give him a full game and placed Jimmy Greaves on the bench. A move which England fans were unsure about, As West Germany were a hard team to beat and jimmy greaves was the one who got england to the final. Martin Peters englands other scorer was a first team player but he was mainly insulted for his poor peformances for his then former club Chelsea.

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This is a picture of the world cup winning side. from left top-Assisant Manager-Nobby Stiles-Roger Hunt-Gorden Banks-Jackie Charlton-Jimmy Greaves-Stanley Matthews-Sir Alf Ramsey.

Bottem left-Martin Peters-Geoff Hurst-Bobby Moore holding the world cup-Alan Ball-Bobby Charlton. As you might have guessed the world cup winning england team had two brothers in their squad Jackie Charlton and Bobby Charlton. Jackie Charlton went on to manage Ireland and Bobby Charlton was a survivor of the horiffic munich air crash which wiped out nearly all of the Manchester United team. Bobby Moore the english captian who guided them to the world cup later got bowel cancer and sadly died in 1993.He started his football career in 1958 and fininshed in 1978. He was born in Barking in Essex on the 12th of April 1941. He was a great loss to the world of football and the world outside of football. He will always be remebred as one of the greatest footballers ever.

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World Cup Football
World Cup Football
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The 1966 World Cup was stolen whilst on exhibition at central hall at Westminser in Londen , before the world cup started. the £30,00 world cup was stolen whilst a church service was taking part in the other side of the building. The thieves nabbed the World Cup from it's sport with stamps display, Each stamp was worth 3million but the thieves thinking they were worth nothing left them behind. At least two-four guards were in the room when the theft happened, So it was amazing how the thieve did it. Although some policmen said that there was a suspious looking man in his mid thirites hanging around it was said the he had black hair gelled back and a scar running down his nose. Sounds like a proper villian. England were tauneted by other countries for losing the World Cup, Mostly by Brazil who had held the trophy for the previous two tournements. They were saying that nothing like that would happen in brazil because even thieves loved football too much to do a thing like that. Finally the Trophie was found by a dog named Pickles on a walk with his owner on the 27th of march 1966. England won the cup but Brazil reclaimed it again by winning it for a third time in 1970. Although the brazilians were taken the mick out off england for losing the World Cup it was now the other way around as Brazil lost The Cup in Rio De Janiero in Brazil on 1983. It still hasen't been found.