music has changed dramatically from the 1970's to the 1990's lets start woth the 70's.
Let the 70s music ease the stress from your bones.Take off your disco shoes and sit yourself down on my giant bean bag, that's it just sit back and relax. Glam, Glitter, Stadium Rock, 50s revivals,, Punk and The Osmonds (and they call it the decade that taste forgot!). The decade that brought us Leif Garrett AND The Ramones. What's up with that?!
It seems remarkable that in just 10 years, popular music could develop from the innocence of the Jackson 5's The Love You Save to the future shock of Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric? and the Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight. Yet it happened.
This was also the decade that opened with Jimi Hendrix choking on his own vomit and ended with Sex Pistol Sid Vicious stabbing his lover to death. [[|]]external image abba_33.jpg
In the Eighties, when Thatcher was busy selling England by the pound and caring more about some sheep in the southern Atlantic than 'her' people, the youthful reaction was Blitz, Boy George and Marilyn. And the march of electronic technology hit the music world and punk died with its boots on.external image music_thumb06.JPG