Alexander the Great.

On his way to the theater at Ege, the ancient capital of Macedonia, King Philip was assassinated by his officer Pausanias. Alexander was immediately presented to the army as the new king of Macedonia at the age of 20. His soldiers adored him, as did most who met him. After he formed a nation of Macedonians, Greeks and Persians called the Alexandrians.

At the age of 2 he was able to ride a horse in walk and trot on a lead rein, at the age of 5 he was able to ride a horse in walk and trot without a lead rein and at the age of 8 he was galloping around Pella wanting to fight battles with King Phillip. When he was 10 he killed a lion for the first time, when he was 12 he tamed a horse with a reputation for being 'unridable' and when he was 16 he road into a battle and killed a man for the first time. He was handsome, courageous, intelligent, tireless in the field and able to out-work most everyone around him. Yet, he was also a dreamer, given to fits and moods.

His mother told him that he was not the son of Philip but the son of Zeus, but because of this he believed he was the immortal Achilles and his brave warhose,Bucephalas (which he 'tamed' when he was 12 years old in Pella) carried him 1000s of miles from Macedonia (Greece) to east India in search of honour and glory, to prove he was the best king and to reach the edge of the world and become immortal. In short, he was everything a legend should be. His battles made him to dangerous to follow an yet the men did because they loved him and did not wanted to be parted from him, he was like a god to them.

Granicus a battle that he almost died him gave everyone a shock but he recoved and fought another one the same month, the battle of Issus was a big one as well although he was lucky this time and didnt get hurt. The battle of Guagemala made him so dizzy and sick he coudnt see or walk straight also Hephaestion, the only person who could get Alexander to not knock down every castles walls that closed it gates to the macedionian army got badly injured and caused Alexander to not capture the 'Great King of Persia', Kind Darius. The battle of Taxila and the battle of Hallicarnasus turned into a 6 month seige as did many others, he lost only 1 battle againt the Soghdians (that fight to death over every handful of dust) and that made him so angry he killed one of his closest friends and advisors , Commander Cleitus who had saved Alexanders life at Granicus.

He was eventually poisened on the 10th of June about 2 months after his best friend Hephaestion was poisened. When Hepheastion died Alexander set of towards east India and killed everyone he laid his hands on. Then men had had enough and were ready to go home but Alexander wouldnt let them so they poisened him on June the 13 When he was 32. The most confusing thing he said was "i want to leave my empire to the strongest", ofcourse no one new what he was on about so his genral, Perdicias, took command at Susa, one of Alexanders biggest cities, he tried as hard as he could but when Alexanders son, Alexander the second, was born he took command but he never lived up to the name as when he was 13 sombody assasinated him and his mother, Alexanders first wife Roxanne. Alexander the Greats second wife was his adopted sons sister the persian princess, Thais, she never had any children as Alexander died before she was 12. He married Roxanne when she was 13 and he was 29 then he married Thais when she was 11 and he was 31. He lived a happy life though being thought of as a god as well as a king. But a month before he died, just after Hephaestion was poisend, he went to the temple in Eygypt and asked them wether 'since Hephaestion had died by my side will he be made a god like me.' The gods said back 'Alexander Hephaestion was a god as well as your best friend ofcourse he will, he died noble and good and that is all that matters'.


Bucaphlas had 2 colts and 1 filly, the eldest colt was called Hoplite and was rather bad temperd, the filly which was the eldest of all bucephlas' foals was Electra a wonderful big mare because the grooms backed her early at the age of 2. Then there is Indus he was born at the edge of the world by the river Indus and was the image of his sire. In India (a place now called jehlum) was named Bucephala after bucephalas almost died there after and excedingly big battle with the Idians and their elephants. Then sadly he did die but in peace and comfort with his groom, the only other person who could handle him, by his side on the exact same day as Alexander did is Susa ,one of King Darius's summer castles, whereas Alexander died with his Guard ,made of his best friends, by his side in an over crowded castle. He died at the same age as Alexander 32 which is like a human being 90!

Alexander acomplished more than any ruler before or after him, making the whole of Persia, Greece and 1 quater of India kneel before him.

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