Ancient Egypt and its pharaohs

Ancient Egypt was a civilisation in Northeastern Africa concentrated on the middle to lower reaches of the River Nile. The civilisation of Ancient Egypt was developed over three milleniums ago (three thousand years). You can look at some pictures on this website and even take a virtual tour: there were many rulers at this time that were in charge of parts of Egypt at that time. They were called pharaohs. There were many different pharaohs, but 250px-King_Tut_Ankh_Amun_Golden_Mask_01.jpgthe one that was the most famous of them all was called Tutankhamun(say too-tan-car-moon). He was infact a young boy about the age of 9, when he first became the pharaoh. Unfortunately he died 9 years later at the young age of just 18.

Right: The gold funeral mask of the young pharaoh.