This page has a brief summary of two battles involving Ancient Egypt.

The Battle of Kadesh
The Battle of Kadesh took place sometime around 1274 BC. The Battle took place between the Egyptian and the Hittite forces. It is thought to have been the largest chariot battle ever thought - 5000 chariots were involved in the battle and 9000 footsoldiers.
The Egyptian army ws commanded by one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs - Ramesses II; and the Hittite army was led by the ruler of the Hittite Empire - Muwatalli.

external image 220px-Ramses_II_at_Kadesh.jpg
Ramesses II
on his chariot
After the battle, both sides claimed a victory. Nowadays the battle is often considered a draw between the two sides. However, it could be argued that the battle ended with a Hittite victory - the Hittite empire was saved from invasion and after the battle the Egyptian campaign ended.
In 1258 BC the two warring empires signed what was probably the first ever international peace treaty. The stone tablet with the peace agreement on it still exists today.

The First Battle of Megiddo
This battle took place on 9th May 1457 BC. It was fought between the Egyptians, under the command of pharaoh Tuthmosis III, and a coalition forces consisting of Canaan, Kadesh, Megiddo and Mitanni, under the command of the King of Kadesh.
The cause of the battle was a Canaanite revolt against the Egytians. The two armies, with the Egyptian army being made up of 10000 men, met at Megiddo, Israel.
The battle resulted in an Egyptian victory and they captured 340 prisoners of war. The Egyptians plundered the enemy camp and took home a lot of looted goods, including over 4000 livestock and 900 chariots.