The war!Between 1939 and 1945 Britain was at war. As we all know children had to be evacuated, the children who had to do this were called evacuees.The children had to pack their bags and they also had to take gas masks this was incase their was any bombs to be exploded and then the children had to be took away to places they didnt even know, the children didnt even know if they was going to see their parents ever again! Some children quite enjoyed their stay away from home, but yet again some children hated been among strange people and other children and felt very, very homesick. Ration books!Everybody was given a weekly ration book that had coupons in them that could be exchanged with food or clothing ect. The government issued recipies for making cakes without butter and sugar, and pies without meat or fruit.Magazines gave advice on how to use nettels to make tea, or dandelion leaves in salads. People were encouraged to grow their own food, and children kept chickens in their back yards!

Houses and homes!Just as houses have changed, so have the furniture and fittings inside them. In the 1950's, houses were mostly cleaned with mops and sweepers. Floors were covered with shiny mats and other things like linoleum. By the 1960's most households had a vacum cleaner as well a washing mashine, refridgearator, telephone and television.Houses had wall-to-wall carpets, the walls and curtains were brighter and often in matching or contrasting colours. By the end of the 1970's most homes had central heating insted of fires or electrical radiators!

external image hamlynlane.jpgHomes in the 1930's! external image ration_book.jpg This is a ration book!