The year is 2508. Disaster has befallen planet Earth - it no longer exists! On 'New Earth', in a distant galaxy, you and two hundred other survivors face the incredible task of creating a new world; society is 'starting over'. But with old Earth destroyed, and nothing of the achievements and knowledge of the human race saved, how will you build a new world? Humanity's only hope is to travel into the past, and salvage the 'best bits' of old Earth, which can then form the building blocks of new Earth's society. There's just one problem -you can only make one journey into the past. When's the best time to go to?time_suitcase.jpg

Group challenge

Your group of survivors have been given an era of old Earth's history to investigate.You must research and present the 'best bits' of this era, in order to persuade your fellow survivors that your era is the one which should be travelled to! You will need to convince New Earth that a visit to your era will help them build a new, successful society. You will therefore need to argue the significance of your era, explaining how and why its people, inventions, ideas, discoveries and punishments have been essential to the development of human society.

Possible destinations.....

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