What's the competition about?

It is a history competition open only to year 7 students. All you have to do is add to this wiki by writing a page (or series of pages) about anything to do with History! You could make a page about your favourite person in history, an event or period you're interested in, the history of your football team, a topic you have studied in history lessons.....as long as it's about history, it's good!

What can you win?

There are 10 prizes available. The prizes will be vouchers from HMV or a similar store - that you can put towards music, posters, DVDs etc.

  • Four £10 vouchers for the best 4 wiki pages
  • Six £5 vouchers for 6 runners up

How do you enter?

Before you can get started on your page, you will need to get in touch with Miss Newman, so she can get you a log in.
You could do this by....
  • emailing Miss Newman. The email address to use is lnewman@calderhigh.calderdale.sch.uk Make sure you put 'Year 7 History competition' in the subject box. All you need to say is that you want to take part in the competition, and provide your full name and form group. Miss will email you back as soon as she can!
  • or, just find Miss Newman at school. She's usually in the Humanities block.

How long have you got to complete your page(s)?

Your page(s) must be finished by January 7th 2008, at the latest.

What if someone chooses the same topic as you?

It doesn't matter! After the competition is over and winners have been announced, Miss Newman will collect and combine pages on the same topic.

How will entries be judged?

Winners will be decided by checking entries against this checklist.....
Is the page.....
  • written entirely in the student's own words?
  • an interesting page which will give the reader a good introduction to the topic that the page is about?
  • well presented - making good use of images, videos and any other media?
  • set out clearly, with headings and subheadings that help you to see what the page contains

The rules

  1. You must be a year 7 student to enter
  2. You need to have finished your page (or pages) by January 7th 2008. Pages or parts of pages added after that date will not be judged.
  3. Everything you put on this wiki must be your own work. That means that you cannot copy and paste from websites, books or other materials. It's fine to use books and websites to do your research - just make sure it's in your own words. It is also fine to put links in your page to other websites.
  4. If you want to work with a friend, this is OK - but you and your partner will have to make a total of 2 pages. They could be 2 pages on the same topic, or two pages on different topics. The 2 pages that you and your parnter have made will be judged together. Both of the pages will have to be of a good quality to win. If a pair are chosen as winners, then each person in the pair will receive a prize. It is impossible for only one person in a pair to win, so good teamwork is really important.
  5. Everything that goes on this wiki can be easily traced back to the person who wrote it. If you choose to put any inappropriate or offensive material on the wiki it will be removed and you will be disqualified from the competition. You will also have to explain yourself to the headteacher.
  6. If you mess about with someone else's page, you will be disqualified.